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  A DeVine Balance  provides Phone Counseling Services in areas of; Support Counseling, Anger Management, Substance Use & Addiction Education, Victim & Perpetrator Domestic Violence Education, as well as Faith Based Counsel.


Counseling includes but is not limited to Coping skills, Effects on Family, Education, Goal Setting, Establishing Healthy Relationships, Stress Relief, and Installation of Hope, to help meet the needs of people struggling in any area of their life.

Mission Statement

At A DeVine Balance we believe Education and Counsel will challenge belief systems which can help with the understanding of Addictions, Anger, Grief,  Anxieties, Hopelessness, Confusions and in turn will break strongholds and start the healing and restoration process. Our goal is to help break unhealthy systems and Counsel individuals toward achieving goals of Peace and Happiness to help reestablish activities of daily living at a productive level which installs a sense of self purpose and self worth to improve themselves, their families and society.


Owned and operated by Carol DeVargas, CCAP II, CAMS II

Certified Addiction and Anger Management specialist 

CCAP Credential #A04970315 CAMS II  Licence#C10450314