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Substance Use/Addiction 



  • USE- Legal Mind Altering Substance (THC, Alcohol) in considerable amounts or pills as prescribed.

  • ABUSE- underage, breaking the law (drinking and driving, not as prescribed, public consumption), large amounts of Drugs, Alcohol or Pills causing intoxication.

  • DEPENDENCE- the need to use drugs, alcohol or pills in order to cope or function with normal daily activities ie: being in public, work, family, school. Using Drugs, Alcohol, or Pills to cope with feelings of  Anxiety or Depression

  • ADDICTION-continuing to use despite negative consequences (family dis function, legal issues, employment problems)

  • THE DISEASE OF ADDICTION-damage to the survival part of the brain caused by continuing to use mind altering substances and/or trauma. Listed in the DSM IV as a medical condition that could be fatal, has no cure, but can be treated.