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Domestic Violence



Domestic Violence is the mistreatment of one family member by another to gain control and power, the violence can take on different forms such as

Physical Abuse- throwing things, punching, slapping, choking, and wrist grabbing

Emotional Abuse- Yelling, making insults or threats

Sexual Abuse- unwanted touching, incest or rape

Neglect- withholding affection, money, food, health care or other forms of care.


If you believe you may be a victim of Domestic Violence there is hope. Your first step is courage. A victim could also be a perpetrator.

There is hope if you believe you may be a perpetrator of Domestic Violence. The first step is honesty. A perpetrator can also be a victim.

Most families don't know what Domestic Violence Is 



California Penal Code Section 273.5(a) PC: Corporal Injury To Spouse. California Penal Code Section 273.5(a) PC makes it illegal to injure a spouse, cohabitant or fellow parent in an act of domestic violence. This offense is also referred to as domestic abuse, domestic violence, or corporal injury to a spouse.