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To Any Prospective Client of A DeVine Balance,


I’ve been a client of Carol’s for over a year now and comparing my issues back then to now, despite all of the challenges (old and new), it’s been way easier to cope and thrive, using the skills that I’ve learned from Carol.  Her modalities and evolving styles of coaching, resources, and positive energy have been very effective in my recovery.  She makes you feel comfortable, empowered, informed, and holds you accountable, which is very important.  I highly recommend her services and am very grateful to have her in my life.




Carol helped me with my codependency issues, addiction and anger. It’s truly been life altering for those around me, including my children who benefited the most from our time spent together working on the issues I had. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had with Carol to work on myself so that I could heal from my issues and struggles I had dealt with for some many years. I highly recommend her services! 


J. Cook 

I have been a Christian for over 20 years. My faith has always led me back to God when I’m having mental struggles or dealing with issues in life, but sometimes that’s not enough. Being human I tend to go by what I see and feel, and my faith in God can get foggy. I’ve always known that I have underlying issues, but they were hidden away due to being a busy wife and mother, business owner and serving in the church. However, those issues started to surface as life began to shift from busy wife and mom, to looking at who I am, and what my purpose is. I know God wants me to be as healthy as I can mentally, so I made the choice to work on myself. Counseling has been a gift from God, that I started using weekly because somewhere down the line I lost who I was. I now see how my faith in God and counseling work together. I have been able to touch some very deep roots that needed healing, and I’m not finished yet. Carol has been a willing vessel that God has and is using in my healing process. She’s gifted in listening and I am very thankful for her spiritual gift of wisdom and support.

Marlene R.S.